Healthmace Foundation is a non-profit healthcare organization committed to social responsibility in healthcare.

Our Mission… Socially Responsible Healthcare

To provide Socially Responsible Healthcare to improve the quality of life for every individual patient globally.  Healthmace Foundation is committed to providing the finest and most suitable healthcare support services to meet our patients’, clients’ and employees’ expectations in our communities. We believe in social responsibility and are committed to meeting this obligation. With compassion and integrity, we aim to improve lives by helping providers and patients to become functional and independent contributors to society. We know that the combination of highly skilled professionals and appropriate management and human resource skills steer this mission in the right direction.

Our Vision

Our vision at Healthmace Foundation is to set dynamic and flexible strategies to implant the concept of social responsibility in all the services that we provide and to meet the growing need for healthcare services, and the growing standards of care. Our patients’ goals are our goals.

Our Values

Compassion and care for every patient

Every patient is an individual and should be treated with heartfelt care

Respect for all

Respect is the foundation for providing outstanding quality service

Compassion and care for every employee

Caring for employees is carried through to caring for clients and patients


Follow through on commitments

Compassion and care for every client

Understand every client’s business and help them be successful


Find and accentuate the positive in every human being